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Aiqing Ling


Aiqing’s research interests reside in consumer neuroscience. In particular, Aiqing explores how brain encodes values of choices under different psychophysiological states (e.g. affective or sleep deprived) that profoundly influence how consumers make judgments and evaluations. With backgrounds of psychology and cognitive neuroscience, he integrates both neuroscientific approaches (e.g. fMRI, SCR and FAR) and behavioural approaches to reveal causal and moderational factors in these processes.

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To Succeed With Neuromarketing, What Do You Need to Know?

H. Plassmann, A. Ling

Much of the classic market research advice applies to consumer neuroscience as well – but the emerging field also features unique challenges.


Neuroscience-Based Product Innovation: Hype or Hope?

H. Plassmann, A. Ling

AI and Big Data allow innovators to leverage neuroscientific knowledge at scale to untapped markets.
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