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Andrea Canidio


Andrea Canidio is a Fellow at the Stone Research Centre at INSEAD, where he also teaches Game Theory to MBA students. He is also assistant professor of Economics at IMT School for Advanced Studies in Lucca (Italy), where he teaches Microeconomics to PhD students. His research interests are development economics, inequality, innovation and entrepreneurship, contracts and organizations. He earned his PhD in economics from Boston University.

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Safeguarding Privacy in a Pandemic

Andrea Canidio

Speeding up the adoption of blockchain and other digitised ledger technologies (DLT) can help society reconcile security and privacy.

Leadership & Organisations

When an 80-Hour Workweek Helps

High potentials need to work a lot and in a way that is visible to the firm.

Economics & Finance

Information About Differences Ultimately Leads to Profit

When firms participate in industry classifications, their product may turn out to be better or worse than that of their competitors. Either way, the bottom line is boosted.

Economics & Finance

ICOs and Financing Blockchain Projects

A new mechanism for financing innovation: seigniorage.
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Economics & Finance

How the Unbanked Can Save and Borrow

The composition of savings groups makes all the difference to their effectiveness.