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Andrew C. Hafenbrack

Associate Professor, University of Washington


Andrew Hafenbrack is an Associate Professor in the Management & Organisation Department at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington in Seattle. He obtained his PhD in Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD in 2015 and a B.S. in Decision Science from Carnegie Mellon in 2009. In 2012-2013, he was a visiting researcher at The Wharton School. He was a faculty member at Católica-Lisbon School of Business & Economics in Portugal for four years.

His research is in the areas of social psychology, occupational health, and micro organisational behaviour. His research on how mindfulness can influence decision-making, motivation and generosity, and the effects of cultural experiences on creativity, job offers and person perception has been published in leading academic journals and covered in major press outlets. His current research examines the effects of mindfulness, innovation, and leadership on guilt, culture and well-being.

Andrew teaches courses in decision-making, management, emotion and negotiation. He has also served as an informal adviser to several meditation start-ups. 

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Leadership & Organisations

Meditating Away a Guilty Conscience

A. C. Hafenbrack, M. LaPalme, I. Solal

Mindfulness meditation can make one feel less bad about moral violations as well as lessen the desire to make amends.
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Leadership & Organisations

How a Few Minutes of Meditation Makes You a Nicer Co-Worker

A. Hafenbrack, L. Cameron, G. Spreitzer, C. Zhang, L. Noval, S. Shaffakat

Become more helpful and generous after just eight minutes of mindfulness practice.

Leadership & Organisations

Mindfulness Meditation Reduces Motivation

A. C. Hafenbrack, K. D. Vohs

Acceptance of the present moment can impact the will to work hard and get things done.

Leadership & Organisations

Cross-Cultural Bonding Leads to Higher Creativity

William Maddux & Andrew Hafenbrack

A close friendship or romance with someone from another culture can enhance outside-the-box thinking.
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Leadership & Organisations

Mindfulness Meditation as an On-the-Spot Workplace Intervention

Andrew C. Hafenbrack

Give employees a little time and space to meditate and they’ll be better placed to overcome stress.


Meditate for More Profitable Decisions

It’s a practice rooted in Hinduism and adopted by beatniks seeking spiritual guidance. Now evidence shows meditation can improve business decisions and save your company from expensive investment mistakes.