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Angela Garvey Hammond

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Economics & Finance

British style: Austerity wears a party mask

The public outcry from the U.K. these days isn’t all about budget cuts. There are celebrations going on…which could mean a soft landing to the proposed austerity measures.

Leadership & Organisations

Women in news

Christine Ockrent has set new standards for women in news for the past three decades. Here she discusses candidly the heights scaled, and battles fought, won and lost.

Economics & Finance

The corruption trap

Emerging markets are where money is to be made: pent up consumer demand, cheap labour, few regulations. But just under the surface lies the murky world of corruption, ready to derail even the most scrupulous businessperson. Now what?

Leadership & Organisations

From management to leadership

Self-examination is the key to successful leadership and it starts in business school, according to new research.

Economics & Finance

How does media coverage affect share prices?

INSEAD research suggests the best returns come from companies who never make the news.