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Avi Turetsky

Avi Turetsky


Avi Turetsky is a managing director in the Quantitative Research Group at Landmark Partners and heads its research vertical. Landmark is a private market secondaries manager, with $28 billion of committed capital across private equity, private real estate, and private infrastructure. Mr. Turetsky oversees original private markets research for use by Landmark and its LP and GP partners and coordinates with the academic community. Prior to joining Landmark, he was the European COO for The Riverside Company. Previously he was an investment banker at Lehman Brothers and Lazard Middle Market. Mr. Turetsky holds a Ph.D. from the Case Western Reserve University, where he is also a Research Fellow. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and a BS from Bar-Ilan University. He is a member of the INSEAD Private Equity Initiative alumni board and secretary of The Infrastructure Companies Classification Standard (TICCS™) review committee.

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Economics & Finance

Introducing Excess Value: A Metric for Private Market Outperformance

A Turetsky, M Pyrz, B Griffiths, J Lujan, I Beckel

The gains from private market investing are best understood relative to public benchmarks. But there has been no way to compare the two in currency terms – until now.

Economics & Finance

The Factors That Create Outperforming Stars

A small number of people account for the vast majority of value creation in private equity.
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