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Bart Zhou Yueshen

Assistant Professor of Finance


Bart Zhou Yueshen is an assistant professor (Finance area) at INSEAD. His research focuses on the operation, organization, and regulation of financial securities markets, with specific interests on how real-world frictions and market structure affect resource allocation and information.

Bart holds a PhD in Finance (VU University Amsterdam, Tinbergen Institute, and Duisenberg School of Finance; 2014), an M.Phil. in finance (Universiteit van Amsterdam, Tinbergen Institute, and Duisenberg School of Finance; 2011), and a B.E&F (The University of Hong Kong; 2009).'

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Economics & Finance

China is Back: What Its Reopening Means for the World

L. Fang, C. Lin, G. Chen, X. R. Luo, B. Zhou, A. Fatás

What the world economy, businesses and investors could expect from China’s return to the fray.
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Economics & Finance

Banning Payment for Order Flow May Benefit No One

B. Zhou, M. Baldauf, J. Mollner

Increased regulations could result in reduced market liquidity and a negative impact on retail traders.

Economics & Finance

Casting a Wider Net in OTC Trading: For Better or Worse?

S. Glebkin, B. Y. Zhou

Simultaneous multilateral search for quotes may not always lead to the best deal in over-the-counter trading for dealers and the market.

Economics & Finance

Who Wins the Market: The Swift or the Smart?

Bart Zhou Yueshen

Both speed technology and information are vital trading inputs.

Economics & Finance

Warning Tremors Before a Flash Crash

Cross-market arbitrage that connects one marketplace to another should be watched more closely than it is.

Economics & Finance

The Dark and the Darker Sides of the Market

Bart Zhou Yueshen & Rachael Noyes

Total transparency in financial trading can be costly.