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Benjamin Kessler


Benjamin Kessler was the Managing Editor of INSEAD Knowledge.

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Leadership & Organisations

How Netflix Finds Innovation on the Edge of Chaos

Benjamin Kessler

How did a DVD-by-mail company transform itself into a leading global entertainment brand? By rejecting mediocrity, embracing negative feedback and turning hierarchy on its head.

Economics & Finance

What’s Behind the Rising Inequality of Everything?

B. Kessler, M. Olsen

However you parse the data, capitalism increasingly appears to disproportionately benefit the very top performers.


Global Strategy for a De-globalising World

Benjamin Kessler

The world may not be as flat as it once was, but global business strategy is, if anything, a more urgent priority than before.
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Leadership & Organisations

The Two Faces of Leadership

Benjamin Kessler

It’s not only what leaders do in the spotlight that counts. Great leaders also know how to manage the organisational machinery behind the scenes.
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Leadership & Organisations

Battling ‘Covid-19 Brain’

Hilke Plassmann & Benjamin Kessler

Here’s the science on how stressful events like Covid-19 take a toll on the best of us.
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Making the “New Normal” Better for Women

How individuals and organisations can keep progressing towards gender balance, in our profoundly disrupted world.