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Boris Liedtke


Boris Liedtke, Distinguished Executive Fellow, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute, was the chief executive officer of international banks, based in Singapore, Luxembourg, Germany, the U.S. and the U.K. He also served on the boards of directors for companies throughout Asia and in Luxembourg. He was awarded his PhD from London School of Economics.

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Economics & Finance

How Charities Can Ensure Financial Longevity

Boris Liedtke & Peter Lai

Charities should create an investment strategy to meet long-term financial liabilities.
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What if the EU Invited Canada to Join Its Bloc?

John Hulsman & Boris Liedtke

Trump’s trade war opens the door to a move that would change the geopolitical game entirely.
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Ryanair: A Role Model for Europe’s Banks

The industry sorely needs a low-margin, high-volume business model relentlessly focused on long-term value creation.

Economics & Finance

When Fintech Goes Green

B. Liedtke, P. Walburg

Instead of competing directly with banks, some fintechs are finding opportunities banks haven’t noticed.

Economics & Finance

How Value Is Destroyed in Acquisitions and Disposals

Boris Liedtke & S. David Young

Corporate incentives are often skewed towards short-term gains at the expense of long-term value.
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Economics & Finance

The Role of Digital in Financial Planning

Lucas Weatherill & Boris Liedtke

Retirement planning, riddled with uncertainty and consumer biases as it is, may be best handled with a mix of digital and face-to-face advice.