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Britta Pfister


Britta is a German trained barrister with 22 years trust (Credit Suisse Trust and Rothschild Trust) and tax (PricewaterhouseCoopers Tax & Legal, CMS Hasche Sigle) experience.

Britta has a proven track record of developing solutions and setting up structures for global families in the area of tax and estate planning, working in close collaboration with clients' trusted advisors.

Britta is a Distinguished Fellow at INSEAD in the area of Family Office, under INSEAD’s Global Private Equity Initiative, as well as  a frequent lecturer at international conferences and author of various articles on tax and estate planning matters.

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Economics & Finance

Why You Should Care About Family Office Values

Asian family offices are at a nascent stage of development; while they are keen to progress, there are clear philosophies they don’t see the need to change.