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Caroline Zimmerman


Caroline Zimmerman is a Research Associate at INSEAD, researching data leadership and how organizations can better link their data capabilities to business outcomes. Before that she led the data and analytics team at BMG, a global music company. She is an INSEAD MBA alum, previous to which she worked in book publishing.

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Leadership & Organisations

AI: A World of New Opportunity and Risk

T. Evgeniou, K. Firth-Butterfield, A. Sarkar, C. Zimmerman

A new toolkit for C-suite execs on how to responsibly adopt artificial intelligence.
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Are You Asking the Right Questions of Your Data Team?

C. Zimmerman, T. Evgeniou, D. Kelly, J. Weng

Asking great questions is perhaps the most underappreciated skill of great data-driven leaders.


Building and Leading Your Organisation’s Data Capability

C. Zimmerman, T. Evgeniou, G. Lotan, S. Bala

The most impactful data teams can think strategically while delivering technically.


Three Key Steps to Prepare for Data and AI Leadership

C Zimmerman, K Walsh, J McMillan, T Evgeniou

To harness the potential of new technology, today’s data-driven business leaders must also be politicians and communicators.
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