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Chris Lobello


Chris Lobello has worked in Asian financial markets for more than 20 years, in roles ranging from risk modeling to quantitative analysis to country and regional management, and at firms such as Nomura, CLSA, Daiwa, and Barra.  He also serves on various industry boards and committees, including several of the FTSE global advisory committees and his work as a board member for CQAsia, the Asian branch of the Chicago Quantitative Alliance.

Chris has a practitioner's interest in behavioural aspects of decision making and has worked with faculty at INSEAD's Center for Decision Making and Risk Analysis, where he was appointed a visiting fellow in 2011. Chris studied physics and mathematics as an undergraduate, worked at Fermilab and served in the US Peace Corps in Benin, speaks Mandarin Chinese and a West African variant of French, and holds an EMBA from INSEAD.

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