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Claire Harbour


Claire is a passionate and experienced adviser on all matters related to people, talent and culture. She has in recent years held roles across borders, ranging from coaching, consulting, to mentoring and writing, as well as training. More than 2,000 individuals have grown and developed, supported by Claire’s coaching, and she advises companies, as well as investors, on how to maximise their talent more creatively.

Her earlier career spans work across 4 continents, 17 countries and 8 languages, from the Swire Group to LVMH, Egon Zehnder to independent, freelance opportunities.

Claire writes regularly on talent, publishing articles and books, as well as a monthly magazine. Her book, Disrupt Your Career, with co-author Antoine Tirard, was published in late 2017, to a positive reception.

She has a degree from Cambridge and an MBA from INSEAD, and welcomes the opportunity  for projects, coaching and speaking engagements worldwide.

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Family Business

A Career in the Family Business: Duty or Choice?

M. Bennedsen, C. Harbour, A. Tirard

Would-be joiners of family businesses can have their cake and eat it – if they get the ingredients right.


The Hidden Power of Workers From Humble Backgrounds

C. Harbour, W. Jiang, A. Tirard

Businesses need to do more to level the playing field for socioeconomically disadvantaged workers.


How to Find Fulfilment by Taking a Step Down

W. Jiang, C. Harbour, A. Tirard

Three stories of professionals who bucked the trend and found greater meaning in their work life.
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Pursuing the Arts After a Career in Business

A. Tirard, C. Harbour

How three mid-career professionals leveraged their business skills as they became full-time artists.


Breaking Bad: Humanitarians Who Went Corporate

C. Harbour, A. Tirard

How three professionals who started in purpose-driven organisations continued to do good after migrating to “the other side”.


How LGBTQ+ Employees Can Embrace Authenticity

Antoine Tirard & Claire Harbour

Four professionals with different sexual orientations and gender identities describe their journeys.