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Clarissa Cortland


Clarissa Cortland is a post-doctoral fellow at INSEAD. Clarissa’s research focuses on stereotyping and discrimination, intergroup relations, and bias-reducing interventions aimed at increasing the representation of women and minorities in leadership and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) contexts. Currently, she is also interested in when and how people belonging to underrepresented stigmatized groups support and advocate for one another.

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Leadership & Organisations

Building Gender Balance Against the Odds

B Kessler, C Cortland, Z Kinias

To enable women’s advancement where it’s needed most, individual, interpersonal and institutional changes are required.

Leadership & Organisations

What Makes for Inclusive Working Cultures?

B. Kessler, C. Cortland, Z. Kinias, E. Sherman

Interventions designed to increase women’s cultural fit can also create a better working environment for everyone.

Economics & Finance

Creating More Economic Equality for Women

B Kessler, C Cortland, Z Kinias

How to address resource-based gender gaps across a wide variety of contexts.

Leadership & Organisations

Freeing Women – and Men – From Gender Stereotypes

B. Kessler, C. Cortland & Z. Kinias

Research from INSEAD’s 2nd annual Women at Work conference offers practical solutions for establishing gender-balanced workplace norms.

Leadership & Organisations

Building Gender Balance Through Behavioural Design

Z. Kinias, C. Cortland

What can organisations do when changing mindsets isn’t enough?
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Leadership & Organisations

Social Support Sets Women Up for Success at Work

Zoe Kinias & Clarissa Cortland

Organisations are investing heavily to level the playing field for professional women, but they often lack a systematic approach.