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David G. Munro


David G. Munro is the Chairman of Volatility Research & Trading, which uses demographics, market volatility and crowd behaviour to help insurers, asset managers, global corporations and governments navigate global investment opportunities and geopolitical trends.

He has spent 35 years building portfolios to ride the ups and downs of global markets and generate above average and uncorrelated returns. David works with asset managers, global corporations and governments to discover the next opportunity through demographic research, volatility trend analysis and risk classification.  

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Economics & Finance

Why Demographics Matters More Than Ever for Businesses

C. Zeisberger, D. G. Munro

How understanding expanding and shrinking population subsets could help business and investors identify opportunities to pursue and pitfalls to avoid.

Economics & Finance

Why Did Silicon Valley Bank Collapse?

L. Fang, K. Snellman, C. Zeisberger, D. G. Munro

Risky investments and a lack of regulatory oversight contributed to the failure of Silicon Valley Bank.
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