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David Midgley

Emeritus Professor of Marketing


David Midgley joined INSEAD in 1999 as Professor of Marketing and is now Emeritus. Previously he was Foundation Chair at the Australian Graduate School of Management and he has also held visiting positions at the University of California, the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University.

Professor Midgley is a graduate in science, management and marketing from the Universities of Salford and Bradford. He has over 120 publications, including papers in leading journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Information Technology, Journal of International Business, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, Management Science, Organization Science and Research Policy. He has also written several books, including the The Innovation Manual and most recently Strategic Marketing for the C-Suite. His principal areas of research are innovation, strategy and international business.

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A “Human” Understanding of the World Through AI

David Midgley 

Information search could be made less biased and more holistic through the lens of empathy.


Developing a Toolkit for Strategic Foresight

D Midgley, T Coltman, T Simnadis

Why some companies see disruption coming from a mile away, and respond accordingly.


How Purchasing Departments Should Operate Abroad

A context-aware approach to international purchasing may drive double-digit improvements in business performance.

Economics & Finance

The Five Archetypes That Define National Culture

Dissecting the values that constitute culture reveals unexpected contrasts and commonalities between nations.


The Considerations for Launching an Innovation

Contrary to popular belief, innovations don’t sell themselves. Successful adoption depends on how brands position themselves and how much they listen to their customers.


Finding New Possibilities in Online Data

Analytic techniques developed by academics can help marketing professionals extract useful insights from customer data.