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Dilara Gurcu


Dilâra Gürcü is a passionate feminist writer from Turkey, residing in France. During 2013, she published articles on Radikal journal in Turkey, on topics such as gender, social movements and minority rights.

Since 2014 Dilâra regularly writes opinion articles and interviews on gender equality on T24 journal in Turkey. In 2015 she founded Turkey’s first online platform that challenges sexism.

Her first book “Aramızda Kalmasın” (Not Between You and Me) which focuses on the taboo issues around private lives of women and declaring that personal is political, was published in March 2019, in Turkey.

After working several years as a psychologist in Turkey, Dilâra Gürcü moved to France with a career shift to Online Technologies. She is currently a project manager as a part of Online Programmes team in INSEAD.

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Women Are Risk-Takers, Too: Busting Gender Myths in the Start-up Space

C. Lin, D. Gurcu

A tissue of stereotypes and pseudo-science forms the “rational” basis for gender bias in entrepreneurship.