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Dimitrije Ruzic

Assistant Professor of Economics


Dimitrije Ruzic is an Assistant Professor of Economics at INSEAD. He obtained an A.B. in Economics from Harvard College, an M.Sc. in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics from the London School of Economics, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Michigan.

His research interests span macroeconomics and international trade. Though his projects he works to understand how differences across firms shape macroeconomic outcomes. In the process, he combines models of differentiated firms with firm microdata to explore questions related to productivity trends, the allocation of resources, inequality, and the spillovers of firm reputation.

If you cannot find him in his office, please look around the Fontainebleau forest—he might be bouldering.

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Economics & Finance

How Trade Made the Richest 0.1% Even Richer

Dimitrije Ruzic

Better access to foreign markets benefited exporting firms’ top executives disproportionately more than rank-and-file workers.

Economics & Finance

How the Volkswagen Scandal Turned ‘Made in Germany’ Into a Liability

Dimitrije Ruzic

Firms that leverage a collective reputation for marketing purposes should never lose sight of the fact that one bad apple can spoil the barrel.