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Dominique Lecossois


Dominique Lecossois has over 30 years of retail experience in Asia and emerging Markets. He was Executive Vice-President for Carrefour Asia creating from scratch its business in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea and Indonesia at a time when the hypermarket retail format was introduced in emerging markets, and was instrumental in driving Carrefour’s success in Asia. He subsequently went on to EVP roles at Tesco Taiwan and C.O.O Casino Taiwan and Thailand. A Sinologist, Dominique Lecossois is an expert in China and South East Asia’s retail, economy and modern history, and continues to consult for leading European and Asian retail groups, Investment Management Organizations, Private Equity Firms on due diligence and M&A.

He holds a M.A. from Sorbonne University in International Relations, and graduated in Chinese Studies from the prestigious School of East Asian Studies in Paris.


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The right business model could unlock the economic and environmental potential of the Arenga palm tree.


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P. Padmanabhan & D. Lecossois

The search is still on for a viable omni-channel business model in the grocery industry.


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P. Padmanabhan & D. Lecossois

Amazon will gain access to new capabilities in retail, but the challenge to traditional supermarkets will come from elsewhere.

Leadership & Organisations

Managing Godfathers

If your company is expanding overseas, you’ll need to get to know the local “godfathers”, influential individuals who can help or seriously hinder your advance.
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Expanding Through Uncertainty, the Carrefour Way

Any good strategy is based on a risk-reward analysis but what happens when the environment is particularly uncertain and the threats difficult to understand?
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