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Eduardo Rodriguez-Montemayor


Eduardo Rodriguez-Montemayor is part of the Economics Department at INSEAD and a Senior Research Fellow of INSEAD’s European Competitiveness Initiative. He leads, in partnership with global companies and policy makers, the intellectual approach and execution of projects related to economic policy, competitiveness and innovation/technology. He consults for the OECD, the Inter-American Development Bank and the United Nations Environment Program on a number of strategic projects and has been actively involved in the European Commission Digital Agenda Assembly. Dr. Rodriguez-Montemayor previously worked in the Mexican financial sector for the Pensions Commission, CONSAR (a regulatory body), and for the Inter-American Conference of Social Security.

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How the Digital Economy Has Exacerbated Inequality

In today’s markets, firms and executives with even the tiniest competitive advantage grab all the spoils.
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Economics & Finance

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How society can avoid fragmentation as generations blame one another for these precarious times.

Economics & Finance

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As people live longer and working age populations face hardship, technology could help ease the growing dependency burden.


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An unconditional, universal “citizen’s income” could ensure a fairer distribution of the benefits of technology and transform economies in the process.


Will Pension Funds Go Green?

The UN’s international agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions could change the way pension funds invest our money.