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Emilie Cousteau


Emilie Cousteau is a seasoned luxury and business etiquette expert. She works on research projects at INSEAD, where she also serves as a guest speaker. Armed with an MBA from INSEAD and a degree from Sciences Po Paris, Emilie brings a distinctive blend of academic rigour and practical insight to her role.

An expert in the luxury industry, Emilie leads the "Luxury, Immersion, and the Lifestyle Revolution" research project at INSEAD. This initiative delves deep into the changing dynamics of luxury experiences and their profound influence on consumer behaviour. 

Beyond her academic pursuits, Emilie is an entrepreneur and the owner of design studios in Paris and Dubai. Through these ventures, she is dedicated to curating immersive lifestyle experiences that transcend conventional notions of opulence, setting new standards in the industry.

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Etiquette as a Luxury Brand-Building Tool

D. Dubois, E. Cousteau

How the luxury and prestige industries create immersive experiences to attract and deeply connect with their clients.