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Enver Yucesan

Professor of Operations Management


Enver Yücesan's is a Professor of Operations Management at INSEAD.

Professor Yücesan's main teaching and research activities focus on tactical operational problems such as process analysis, manufacturing planning and control, integrated logistics, supply chain management, and performance assessment in manufacturing as well as service environments.

Professor Yücesan is a specialist in computer simulation with an emphasis on large-scale industrial applications and performance analysis. He is an industrial engineer with a PhD in Operations Research from Cornell University.

Enver Yücesan is an Academic Director of the Supply Chain Management programme.

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Is Transshipment More Cost-Effective Than Hubs?

Enver Yücesan

Drones, self-driving vehicles and other technologies have made shipping stock between locations a viable alternative to obtaining them from a centralised facility.


What Fuels Rumours and How to Put Them Out

Enver Yücesan

Unfounded rumours can be spread far and wide by anyone who knows their way around social media. We can’t stamp it out but we can – and should – fight fire with fire.


Product Design in the Age of Variety

Consumers want more variety than ever before. This means product design needs to be rethought to avoid multiple and costly production lines.

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