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Erik van de Loo

Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour


Erik van de Loo is Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD, where he is Program Co-Director of “Consulting and Coaching for Change” at the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre. As of March 2008 he also holds the professorship "Leadership and Behavior" at the Free University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He is partner and co-founder of Phyleon, Center for Leadership and Change in The Hague, The Netherlands. Phyleon is specialised in interrelated change processes on individual, group and organisational levels.

Erik van de Loo is a graduate in clinical psychology (cum laude) from the Catholic University Nijmegen, obtained a doctoral degree in social sciences at Leiden University (1987) and holds a masters degree in Work and Organisation in Occupational Health at SIOO (1997). As a licensed clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst he is a member of The International Psychoanalytical Association and of the Dutch Society of Psychoanalysis. He is a member of the International Society for Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations and co-founder.

Erik van de Loo has worked as a clinical psychologist in the Royal Dutch Army (1981-1984) and has been a faculty member at Leiden University (1984 - 1991).

He was involved in management development and consulting work with national and multinational corporations. He is specialised in the design and implementation of major change and transition processes in organisational culture and leadership. Helping leaders to better understand themselves in their roles and interactions with individual employees, teams and organisations. He is also a coach of individual top-managers and leaders.

He published several books, chapters and scientific articles on topics such as the clinical approach to consultation, irrational aspects of safety in industry, the organisation in the mind, organisational stress and leadership. He was a columnist on personal leadership for Intermediair, a Dutch weekly journal. Since 2007 he is a columnist on leadership for FD, a Dutch financial journal.'

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To Find Your Dream Career, Show Your Unconscious Who’s Boss

K. Min, E. van de Loo

The social pressures you think are holding you back are most likely your own projection.
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Leadership & Organisations

The Role of the Board in Times of Distress

J. Winter, E. van de Loo

If companies are to survive the coronavirus, corporate boards need to exercise collaborative, proactive leadership.

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How Leadership Can Emerge From the Trauma of History

Erik van de Loo, Lara Tcholakian & Roger Lehman

Victims of intergenerational adversity can channel the darkness of the past into five uniquely positive values.
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For the Truth About How Bosses Behave, Ask Their Assistants

Erik van de Loo & Kees Cools

The eyes and ears of corporate culture, executive assistants have a front-row seat to the integrity dilemmas faced by top management.
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Corporate Culture Is an Alarmingly Low Priority for Boards

Erik van de Loo & Jaap Winter

There appears to be a significant discrepancy between what board directors believe and what happens in practice.

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The Value Lurking in Your “Leadership Unconscious”

Roger Lehman & Erik van de Loo

The crucial components to decision-making dilemmas may exist outside of your conscious awareness.