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François Candelon


François Candelon is a Managing Director and Senior Partner at the Boston Consulting Group. He is also the Global Director of the BCG Henderson Institute.

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Economics & Finance

Managing Systemic Risks in Tech: Lessons from Finance

F. Candelon, D. Martinez, P. Nathanial, T. Evgeniou, L. Van der Heyden

The financial sector's track record in risk management offers invaluable lessons for the tech industry.


Must AI Accuracy Come at the Cost of Comprehensibility?

F. Candelon, T. Evgeniou, D. Martens

Companies looking to integrate AI in their operations should think twice before turning their backs on simpler, more explainable AI algorithms in favour of complex ones.
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How to Create a Safe (and Open) Online Space

F. Candelon, L. de Franssu, T. Evgeniou

Regulatory and business challenges must be met for an internet that is both safe and allows for freedom of expression.