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Geraldine Ee

Geraldine Ee


Geraldine Ee is a senior editor at INSEAD Knowledge, where she works with INSEAD faculty to bring diverse business insights to leaders and the business community.

With broad experience in the research and knowledge sectors, Geraldine has written on topics including sustainable business, resilient urban systems, nature-based solutions, food technology and health technology. She has a keen interest in how novel business models, systems and leadership can make a positive impact on the environment and society.

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Economics & Finance

Do Corporate Insiders Behave When the SEC’s Not Watching?

D. Bens, G. Ee

The 2018–2019 US federal government shutdown provided important insights into insider trading in the absence of the watchdog.

Leadership & Organisations

Governance in the Age of Technological Innovation

Geraldine Ee

With new technologies redefining the global business ecosystem, how can boards navigate these changes and reinvent their business models?


How Will ChatGPT Shape Business, Society and Employment?

Geraldine Ee

Will next-generation AI systems such as ChatGPT deliver the productivity boost modern economies need – and are we ready for it?

Economics & Finance

Can Fintech Be a Force for Good?

Geraldine Ee

In this Thinkers50 webinar, Lily Fang discusses how the meeting of finance and technology could unleash a transformative force towards more inclusive financial services.


Rising to the ESG Challenge: Towards Effective Governance

Geraldine Ee

Boards can drive the ESG agenda effectively by identifying what is material to their organisation and being willing to adapt along the way.