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Herminia Ibarra

LBS Professor of Organisational Behaviour


Herminia Ibarra is a professor at Londong Business School. Previously she was the Cora Chaired Professor of Leadership and Learning and Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD. Prior to joining INSEAD she served on the Harvard Business School faculty for thirteen years. She is Vice-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Women's Empowerment and Chairs the Visiting Committee of the Harvard Business School. Thinkers50 ranked Ibarra #9 among the most influential business gurus in the world.

Professor Ibarra is an expert on professional and leadership development. Her book Working Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career (Harvard Business School Press, 2003) documents how people reinvent themselves at work. Her numerous articles are published in leading journals including the Harvard Business Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, and Organization Science. Her research has been profiled in a wide range of media including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and The Economist. She taught in a variety of INSEAD programmes and consults internationally on talent management, leadership development, and women’s careers. A native of Cuba, Ibarra received her M.A. and Ph.D. from Yale University, where she was a National Science Fellow.

You can read case studies by Herminia here.

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Leadership & Organisations

How to Act and Think Like a Leader

To become a successful leader, you have to ditch the conventional “think before doing” logic and instead start acting like a leader in order to start thinking like a leader.

Leadership & Organisations

Don't Wait for Promotion: Make the Leadership Transition Now

Herminia Ibarra

INSEAD Professor of Organisational Behaviour Herminia Ibarra, winner of the 2013 Thinkers50 "Leadership Award", discusses her big idea: why you need to make the leadership transition before you're promoted to a leadership role and why leaders become vulnerable to limited mindsets if they don't.

Leadership & Organisations

Conquering Gender Bias

A lurking “second-generation gender bias” is slowing women down by dissecting their behaviour and hobbling their advancement. Companies will have to switch tactics to take on this more subtle phenomenon.

Leadership & Organisations

INSEAD's Global Thought Leaders: Herminia Ibarra

INSEAD Professor of Organisational Behaviour Herminia Ibarra, winner of the 2013 Thinkers50 "Leadership Award", discusses effective leadership styles and why managers need to be fluent in several styles.

Leadership & Organisations

How to Break Through a Career Impasse

Many of the successful managers and professionals who come back to business school at mid-career are looking for more than honing their leadership skills. Many are stuck in their careers. They’re looking for direction and support for the changes they long to make in the near future. But, their networks just keep dragging them back to the past—and they don’t even realize it.

Leadership & Organisations

Six Ways to Grow Your Job

In today’s resource-constrained environment, many of us are delivering 120% on the current demands of our job—but devoting little time to developing ourselves further or positioning ourselves for a future move. As one of my executive MBA students recently told me, “I know that I have to carve out more time to think strategically about my business, but all my peers are executing to hilt and I don’t want to fall behind.”