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Ian C. Woodward

Emeritus Professor of Management Practice in Organisational Behaviour


Professor Ian C. Woodward specializes in Leadership and Communication. He lectures in a range of INSEAD programmes and was Co-Program Director for the INSEAD Master of Finance degree. He also lectures and consults in leadership and management practice for high performance, as well as leadership and strategic development in organizations as diverse as financial and professional services, utilities, energy and the public sector. He was guest faculty at leading international business schools including Associate Faculty Director for Columbia Business School’s Senior Executive Program.

Ian brings a unique combination of global business, government, communication and arts experience to executive education. His business career includes Board Directorships, Chief Executive, Senior Executive and Executive Consulting roles in financial and energy sector organisations including: The Australian Gas Light Company; Natural Gas Corporation of New Zealand; the Australian Gas Association; Macquarie Bank; and Asian Development Bank. In government, he was the first Australian to serve on the staff of a US Cabinet Secretary (Minister) as well as being Chief of Staff to an Australian State Premier and Minister. From 2005 to 2010 he was a Commissioner of the Australian Energy Market Commission and the inaugural Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Partnership Energy Regulatory and Market Development Forum. He is currently a Board member of The Gas Company of Hawaii. He is also the Associate Conductor of Singapore’s Metropolitan Festival Orchestra.

Developing exceptional communication proficiency in leaders is a particular passion. Ian developed the concept of “communication intelligence” in leadership communication. He designed the Communication Preference Styles Survey (CPSS) as a development tool to assist leaders to become more aware and effective communicators. In parallel with his business career before academia, he designed and delivered courses in effective leadership and communication around the world, as well delivering major keynote conference speeches and media appearances. He was Chairman and broadcaster on Sydney’s classical music radio station and co-produced a special series of Deutsche Grammophon recordings dedicated to the legacy of conductor Arthur Fiedler. He also combines leadership development with the arts through innovative learning experiences using orchestras and musicians. His recent published research includes articles in the Journal of International Management and Australian Communication Journal.

Ian is an alumni of the University of New South Wales, the Australian Graduate School of Management, University of New England and Columbia Business School.

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