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Iman Parsa

Iman Parsa


Iman Parsa is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Humanitarian Research Group (HRG). Before joining INSEAD, he received his PhD in Business Administration – Supply Chain Management from W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

In his research, Iman studies nonprofits and humanitarian organizations and their decisions and strategies for delivering sustainable services from the perspectives of financial security and operations in short- and long-term horizons.

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Protecting the Humanitarian Space in Conflicts

A. Kayyal, I. Parsa, L. Van Wassenhove

In the name of humanity, aid must be allowed to flow to vulnerable people caught in conflict around the world.


Disaster Response: Finding Order in Turmoil

A. Kayyal, I. Parsa, B. Urlu and L. Van Wassenhove

When disaster strikes, governments are faced with difficult, urgent decisions – but preparedness can make a difference.


Planning Matters: Coordination in Humanitarian Relief

I. Parsa, L. Van Wassenhove

In disaster response, humanitarian operations take place under high levels of stress and time pressure. There is no room for bureaucracy and ambiguity.


Humanitarian Versus For-Profit Operations: When Lines Blur

L. Van Wassenhove, I. Parsa, K. Aral

What are the repercussions when humanitarian organisations adopt a commercial structure?


How (Not) to Respond to a Humanitarian Crisis

L. Van Wassenhove, I. Parsa, B. Urlu, K. Aral

Recognising post-disaster realities can enable individuals, media and organisations to help the Turkey-Syria earthquake victims more effectively.