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Jayne Brocklehurst

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Technology über alles

The death of Apple’s Steve Jobs has made the world reflect on how technology – not a little of that because of Jobs – has changed the way we spend our time: online, with music, just “being connected” with the world at large. It’s also an opportunity to take a look at Apple’s “seeds” and what those companies are doing today, thanks in no small part to the refocusing of the industry to which Jobs and his company contributed.

Economics & Finance

There is no Chinese wall around the economy

No country is immune to the global debt crisis. Even China’s double-digit growth is in doubt as the world economy switches from sustained growth to increasing contraction … but what can the Sleeping Dragon do about it?


An entrepreneur lights the way in Africa

Sameer Hajee (MBA '04D) has the indefatigable energy and solid optimism that entrepreneurs need to succeed. These days he is also breathing a bit easier. A major investment player – Merrill Lynch-Bank of America – has just given him scale-up funding in the form of carbon credit purchases to move his Nuru Lighting company to the next tier. INSEAD Knowledge first started to follow Hajee’s story in December 2009. This is the latest chapter…

Family Business

Andrea Illy: The man behind a good cup of coffee

It’s twice the price of store brand coffee, but aficionados happily pay it. What makes a niche brand of coffee so sustainable? INSEAD Knowledge meets CEO of illycaffè, Andrea Illy, to find out more about this business model with a difference.