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Joe Magee


Joe Magee, Associate Professor of Management and Organizations, joined New York University Stern School of Business in September 2004. Professor Magee's research revolves around the roles of hierarchy in organizations and society. He has investigated how power differences transform the way people think and behave and how people figure out who has power over whom. Professor Magee and his colleagues discovered a series of reliable changes in the psychology power-holders that seem to be potentially damaging for relationships and organizations but, under certain conditions, actually can contribute to interpersonal and organizational effectiveness. He has also published on the social role of emotion.

Professor Magee is also an Associate Professor of Management at NYU's Wagner School of Public Service. Professor Magee earned his A.B. in Psychology from the University of Michigan in 1996 and his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Stanford University's Graduate School of Business in 2004.

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Leadership & Organisations

The Four Horsemen of Negotiator Power

Michael Schaerer, Adam Galinsky, Joe Magee

To maximise their success at the bargaining table, negotiators should maximise their power.