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Jose-Luis Alvarez

Professor of Management Practice


Jose Luis Álvarez is Professor of Management Practice of Organisational Behaviour and leadership at INSEAD. He teaches in the MBA Program (where he received the Best Teacher Award three times) and mostly in executive education programmes, where he has also received several teaching and directing recognitions. He serves as academic director of the Advanced Management Programme. Professor Álvarez was a Visiting Professor at the Harvard Business School and at Cambridge University.

Professor Álvarez holds degrees in Law and Philosophy from the University of Barcelona, an MBA from IESE Business School, a M.A. and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behaviour from Harvard University. His research has been published in the MIT-Sloan Management Review, European Management Journal, Organization Studies, Organization and Corporate Governance, and he has authored seven books, on corporate governance, senior executive careers and the political facets of managerial work. His book Sharing Executive Power: Roles and Relationships at the Top published by Cambridge University Press was selected as one of the top three books in 2007 by the Academy of Management.

His latest work, The Changing C-Suite, published by Oxford University Press, focuses on the executive functions and roles in executive committees. His consulting experience has focused mostly on issues of corporate governance, organisational design and change

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