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Kian Siong Tey


Research Interests: My research examines the underpinnings of social conflicts, especially those that involve fundamental (value) differences or issues that are seemingly intangible. How can we reconcile or work with seemingly opposing positions on various issues. I have a secondary interest in meta-science. How can we make better causal inferences with the tools that we have and how far away are we from making accurate inferences?

Work in Progress

Tey, K. S.*, Loschelder, D.*, Trötschel, R., & Swaab, R. I. (2023). Dual-Identity Mediation and Intergroup Disputes: How Leveraging Group Identities Can Help Resolve Disputes. Working Paper.
* Denotes equal contribution

Madan, N., Tey, K. S., Thau, S., & Swaab, R. I. (2023). Reconciling Mixed Effects of Dominance on Competence Evaluations: The Role of Dominance Aggressiveness and Comparison Conditions. Working Paper.

Tey, K. S.*, Mazar, A*, Tomaino, G.*, & Duckworth, A. L. (2023). People Judge Others More Harshly After Talking to Bots. Under Review at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
* Denotes equal contribution

Tey, K. S., & Swaab, R. I. (2023). Moral Discourse: Exploring Moral Language in the Wikipedia's Request for Comment process. Late-stage Data Analysis.

Tey, K. S.. (2023). The Complex Reality: What Do People Think About Moral Framing?. Late-stage Data Analysis & Collection.

Swaab, R. I., & Tey, K. S. (2023). Meta-Analysis of Third-Party Dispute Resolution Tactics. Early-stage Data Analysis & Collection.

Madan, N., Swaab, R. I., & Tey, K. S. (2022). Meaning of Negotiation Label. Early-stage Data Collection.

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Negotiators Should Decrease Concessions Across Rounds

K. S. Tey, R. Swaab, M. Schaerer, N. Madan

Signalling your bottom line reduces your counterparty’s ambitions.