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Ko Kuwabara

Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour


Ko Kuwabara is an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD. He teaches a core course on leadership in the MBA programme.

Professor Kuwabara's research explores the motivational psychology of networking: who builds effective networks, what inhibits people from networking, and what can be done to promote sustained engagement in networking. He is currently designing and evaluating different interventions in order to help professionals build and manage their networks more effectively. In related research, he has examined the emergence of trust in cross-cultural interactions and online markets. His research has been published in leading academic journals including the Academy of Management Review, American Journal of Sociology, and Psychological Science.

Professor Kuwabara earned his PhD and BA in Sociology from Cornell University. Prior to joining INSEAD, he was an associate professor of management at the Columbia Business School where he taught courses on negotiation, social networks, and organisational change in the MBA and various executive education programmes.

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A Simple Phrase for Getting Better Help

K. Kuwabara, Y. Park, K. Nault

Making generalised, not personalised, help requests can improve the quality of help received.


Grow Your Networks With a Growth Mindset

Ko Kuwabara

What if changing your mindset could take the struggles out of networking?

Leadership & Organisations

Embracing Diversity With a Growth Mindset

K. Kuwabara, J. Cao

Getting along with others is about more than just having things in common.

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Better Networking Begins With Your Beliefs

Ko Kuwabara

It doesn’t take very much to bridge the “knowing-doing” gap in networking – even during a pandemic.