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Kyung Min


Kyung is an associate partner at Nouveau Consulting, a research-driven consultancy that specializes in organizational development, leadership, and change. As a change management consultant and coach, she works with individuals, teams, and organizations to support their transformation journey. She focuses on helping leaders to navigate unconscious biases, hidden group dynamics, and organizational rituals to enhance performance.

She moved to consulting career after 20 years of corporate roles across marketing, digital strategy and cross-functional project management in leading MNCs. Her experience of working in highly complex changing environments and multicultural settings shaped her knowledge and insights about change management. 

Kyung has also studied clinical organizational psychology using a systems psychodynamic approach at INSEAD (EMC’20). She worked with INSEAD on transformation and culture projects as a consultant, and is currently involved in executive programs as a learning coach.  Seeking psychologically minded value creation, she puts the human factors at the centre throughout her practices. In doing so, she believes that our efforts can make a real impact. 

Kyung is South Korean based in Singapore. She has lived in the US, UK, and Hong Kong.

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K. Min, E. van de Loo

The social pressures you think are holding you back are most likely your own projection.
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