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Loic Sadoulet

Affiliate Professor of Economics


Loïc Sadoulet is Affiliate Professor of Economics at INSEAD, and Visiting Professor at CEDEP. Loïc holds a PhD in Economics from Princeton University. He has been teaching at INSEAD since 2000 in Executive Development Programmes, MBA and Executive-MBA programmes.

His MBA and E-MBA teaching cover macroeconomics, economic development, negotiation analysis, and projects-based courses, using both theoretical and practical approaches to analyse the business environment, develop negotiation skills, and consulting skills to work in unfamiliar and changing settings. For Executives, he designs and directs programmes around innovation for new markets in an evolving world and in emerging markets. He also develops week-long programmes in South Africa, India, China, Korea, Japan, the Silicon Valley, as deep-dive learning journeys for companies like retail bank, telecom or entertainment groups, petroleum or pharmaceutical companies. In all these programmes, the objective is to get executives to think about emerging opportunities in a changing world.

In 2008, Loïc launched the INSEAD Africa Initiative, one of the initiatives of the INSEAD Social Innovation Centre. His research focuses on business development and expansion in emerging economies, both by local efforts and through entry by multinational companies. His interests lie in creating profitable agreements in environments with substantial information gaps. A major line of his research has concentrated on the design of financial services that can be extended (profitably) to traditionally neglected segments. Recently, he has also been involved in investigating ICT-based solutions to create new profitable markets for a range of activities: health, information services, financial services.

Previously, Loïc has worked for the World Bank; in a microfinance institution in Guatemala; at the European Centre for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics (ECARES) at the Free University of Brussels; and at the Solvay Business School (Belgium) where he was twice rewarded by the Teacher of the Programme Award by the part-time MBA students.

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