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Manuel Sosa

Professor of Technology and Operations Management


Manuel E. Sosa is a Professor of Technology and Operations Management and the Director of the Heinrich and Esther Baumann–Steiner Fund for Creativity and Business at INSEAD. He received a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad Simón Bolívar (Caracas, Venezuela) and an SM and a PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He directs the Design Thinking and Creativity for Business Programme.

Professor Sosa's research efforts are applied to improving product development systems. He is particularly interested in studying coordination and innovation networks in complex product and software development organisations.

Professor Sosa teaches in the MBA, PhD and Executive Education programmes covering topics related to innovation and operations management. His teaching achievements include the development of a programme with the Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, California) to integrate business and design disciplines for successful product development.

His professional experience includes systems engineering in the petrochemical industry and development and deployment of computer-aided engineering software applications.

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Leadership & Organisations

Collaboration Doesn't Require Physical Proximity

M. Sosa, M. Maoret

Even when colleagues are not in the same office, strong social ties can bridge the gap.


Do Unconventional Offices Promote Creativity?

M. Sosa, S. Lee

It is widely assumed that unconventionally-designed offices stimulate creativity. But that isn’t always the case – sometimes they may even impede innovation.
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How Online Product Reviews Affect Market Share

H. Cho, M. Sosa, S. Hasija

To find out how user-generated content affects your bottom line, you need a fine-tuned strategy for data analysis.


How the SDGs Can Change Your Organisation, From the Inside Out

A Atasu, M Sosa, L Van Wassenhove

Put the framework at the heart of your sustainability strategy. Start by using it to audit your internal resources.


Reconceiving Innovation for Covid-19

Manuel Sosa

Covid-19 is an opportunity for businesses to build a new normal that is more human-centric, imaginative and agile.


Why Should You Work With a Creative Star?

M. Sosa, J. Mihm, H. Liu

Collaborating with creative stars can make you more creative and help unlock your star potential.