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Maria Guadalupe

Professor of Economics


Maria Guadalupe is Professor of Economics at INSEAD. Maria obtained a PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics in 2003. Prior to joining INSEAD in 2012, she was an Associate Professor in the Economics and Finance department at the Columbia Business School where she held the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Chair in Leadership and Ethics. Maria has been a visiting scholar at MIT and Princeton and is currently a research fellow at the Center for European Policy Research (CEPR) and the IZA Institute of Labor Economics. She is also a member of the Strategy Research Initiative.

Maria has taught MBA and Executive MBA courses on Strategy, Structure and Incentives; Strategy and Regional Competitiveness; Growth and Sustainability in Brazil; as well as PhD courses on Industrial Organisation and Organisational Economics.

Her research explores the interactions between firms’ organisational choices and markets, with a focus on firm performance. She has studied how globalisation and the competitive environment faced by firms shape their internal organisational choices, including pay levels, incentives, executive compensation, and hierarchical structures. She has also studied the effect of corporate governance arrangements on firm performance. Her recent work focuses on how multinationals select their foreign targets and examines the productivity consequences of the changes in firm boundaries.

Maria’s work has been published in top economics, finance, and management journals such as the American Economic Review, Journal of Finance, Management Science, Journal of Labor and Economics, and American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. She has been awarded a number of prizes for her contributions to research including the Brattle Distinguished Paper prize awarded by the American Finance Association and the Jaime Fernandez de Araoz prize in Corporate Finance. She is an Associate Editor of the Management Science and a Co-Editor of the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.

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Leadership & Organisations

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M. Mortensen, M. Guadalupe, N. Furr, H. Bresman

INSEAD research highlights practical approaches to integrate psychological safety into team dynamics.

Economics & Finance

The Importance of Soft Skills in Driving Productivity

M. Guadalupe, B. Ng

The economy of the future requires a workforce with strong soft skills. Investing in these crucial skills can result in increased productivity.

Leadership & Organisations

Aligning Individual and Organisational Values

M. Guadalupe, Z. Kinias, F. Schloderer

How employees’ personal values fit within their organisation.
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The Fundamentals of Transforming from Matrix to Agile

Y. Doz, M. Guadalupe

Nothing less than an evolution of strategy, structure, processes, people and technology will do.


Not Everyone Can Be Agile

Y. Doz, M. Guadalupe

An essential checklist for Agile aspirants.

Economics & Finance

Turn the Office Into a Lab

Using randomized controlled trials, firms can find out what is really going wrong (and right) in their organisations.