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Matthew Lee


Matthew Lee is an Assistant Professor of Management at NYU Stern. Previously he was an Assistant Professor of Strategy at INSEAD. Matthew's research examines two main areas: 1) hybrid social ventures, mission-driven organisations that combine templates for organising from the business and social sectors, and 2) how corporations shape the social structures of their communities.

Matthew's research is published in journals including the Strategic Management Journal, the Academy of Management Annals and the Stanford Social Innovation Review. It has also been featured in online editions of the Harvard Business Review, World Bank Development Marketplace and CBS News.

Prior to his academic career, Matthew was a consultant with the Bridgespan Group, a management consultancy serving non-profit organisations, and was a Fulbright Scholar in Malaysia. Matthew earned a doctorate in management at Harvard Business School, where he received the Dean's Award and Wyss Award. 

Read case studies by Matthew here.

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The Journey of the Activist-Entrepreneur

M. Lee, T. Ramus, A. Vaccaro

A group of Sicilian anti-Mafia activists-turned-entrepreneurs encountered tensions between the demands of the market and the values of their social movement.


Having a Social Mission Benefits Women Entrepreneurs

Matthew Lee & Laura Huang

Highlighting a venture’s social impact can help female entrepreneurs overcome gender bias.


Why Many Women Social Entrepreneurs Avoid Commercial Models

M. Lee, S. Dimitriadis, L. Ramarajan, J. Battilana

The presence of women business owners in a community encourages female social entrepreneurs to pursue hybrid ventures.


Four Strategies for Responding to Sustainability-Oriented Competitors

Sustainability-focused startups are entering established companies’ market space, bringing both new threats and new opportunities.
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