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Mauricio Adade

Mauricio Adade



Mauricio Adade graduated with an MBA, from the State University of Campinas - UNICAMP, Brazil. He joined DSM in 1988 and has held roles in Brazil, Singapore and Switzerland. He became Chief Marketing Officer in 2010, before moving back to Brazil in 2015 to take up the position of DSM President - Latin America. In his current position he is responsible for implementing strategies for 16 countries in the region. In 2016, he also became the President of Global Malnutrition Partnerships and Programs combining this with his previous role as Chairman of the Board of Africa improved foods. The main responsibility is to actively develop and implement effective public and private partnerships and new business models that address malnutrition issues around the globe.

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The Power of Public-Private Partnerships

W. Ulaga, M. Adade

How both sectors can collaborate to tackle global challenges.