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Michael Peshkam


Michael is is an Executive in Residence at INSEAD. He is a seasoned C-Suite executive, academic, and serial entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in transforming organizations from conventional to innovative, from informational to digital, and from attrition to growth globally. Michael’s drive to bridge business, academic, and entrepreneurial worlds has made him a rare systemic change agent. He has transformed multinational organizations, small to medium-sized enterprises, academic institutions, and tech start-ups around the world.

This rich career journey has given him unique synthesis capabilities to separate signal from noise, connect the dots, generate insights, and create “Uber moments.” In the 1990s, he instilled an entrepreneurial mindset and created the first intrapreneurial practices in Mouchel (now WSP), a century-old company. As chief science technology and innovation officer for 27 offices around the world, Michael led the company’s innovation and transfer of technology, and the company became number one in Europe. The systemic changes he initiated led to tenfold growth in as many years.

As a former associate professor in information technology, strategic management, and entrepreneurship, Michael frequently delivers keynote lectures and runs executive education courses on topics related to digital transformation, open innovation, entrepreneurship, business strategy, human capital transformation, and how to lead “intelligent” digital business of the future. He draws parallels from his experience as CEO, CIO, COO, and CTO.

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