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Michelle Rogan


Michelle Rogan was an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD and is now an associate professor at Imperial College Business School. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Yale University and received her PhD in Strategic and International Management from the University of London (London Business School).

Prof. Rogan's research centres on corporate entrepreneurship. In particular, she focuses on acquisitions of social capital - i.e. how firms use acquisitions of target firms to gain valuable inter-organizational relationships to customers - suppliers and other business partners, in the advertising industry. In her research, she has examined how changes in competitive context affect the stability of inter-organizational relationships and how firm v. employee "ownership" of these relationships affects the firm's retention of the relationships. Prof. Rogan is currently investigating the effect of competition among clients of advertising firms on the formation of new advertising agencies both within and outside of existing advertising holding companies. In related research in the consulting industry, she is also exploring how ownership rights to inter-organizational relationships affect new business development in established firms. Her research has been published in Administrative Science Quarterly, the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science and The Annual Review of Sociology.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Prof. Rogan worked for several years as a management consultant at Accenture in San Francisco where she was involved in the implementation of large-scale change initiatives including corporate entrepreneurship efforts in global technology firms. The focus of her client work involved the mobilization of sponsorship networks to support corporate renewal efforts in these firms as well as the design and implementation of firm-wide training programs.

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