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N. Craig Smith

Senior Affiliate Professor of Ethics and Social Responsibility


Professor N. Craig Smith has been on the INSEAD faculty since 2007 as the INSEAD Chair in Ethics and Social Responsibility at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. He was previously on the faculties of London Business School, Georgetown University, and Harvard Business School.

At INSEAD, Smith teaches MBA and executive courses in business ethics, compliance, strategic corporate social responsibility and sustainability. He is also the Programme Director for the Healthcare Compliance Implementation Leadership Programmes and the Impactvise Sustainability Programme for Legal Professionals.

Professor Smith’s research is at the intersection of business and society, encompassing business ethics, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability. His current research projects examine the pharmaceutical industry response to the Covid-19 pandemic, business and human rights, the “price-tag society”, Rawlsian business ethics, sustainable consumption, and whether employees will sacrifice pay to work for more socially responsible firms. He is the author, coauthor or coeditor of eight books and over fifty academic journal articles, as well as over fifty case studies, including many award-winners and best-sellers. His most recent books are: The Moral Responsibility of Firms (with Eric Orts; Oxford University Press, 2017) and Managing Sustainable Business (with Gilbert Lenssen; Springer, 2019).

As well as a regular speaker at international conferences, he conducts workshops and consultancy assignments with various organizations on business ethics, compliance and corporate responsibility/sustainability, including board level workshops on sustainability.

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