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Naveen Khajanchi


Naveen Khajanchi is a practicing Executive Coach supporting CXO/CEO-level leaders to transform and adapt to the current business environment. He has worked with organisations from start-ups to high-end real estate consulting. Today, he leads a search firm that helps top Indian corporations in their leadership hiring.

Naveen has more than two decades of experience in Talent Acquisition and is also the author of Evolutionary leadership – A Holistic Perspective.

He has an Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change from INSEAD. You can follow him on Twitter @naveenkhajanchi.

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Leadership & Organisations

How Biases Ruin Our Judgment Calls

Good decisions are not constrained by biases. But breaking them is not easy.

Leadership & Organisations

Do We Always Need Purpose?

Regain control by better understanding your inner “purpose”.
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When Strategy and Values Collide

Family-owned companies have entrenched cultures and values. Outsiders are needed to balance such firms, but they must tread very carefully.
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