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Economics & Finance

Africa: The next frontier for investors?

Africa’s murky image deters some investors, but those already there say the prospects are bright and there is money to be made.

Economics & Finance

Forget austerity? Not completely, say economists

Lack of trust, lack of confidence, lack of visibility. Which way out of the world economic recession? Cut back or spend more or…?

Economics & Finance

Don’t just pine for economic recovery! Roll up your sleeves!

Despite its electoral promises, France’s new left-wing government is unlikely to have much leeway for spending the country’s way out of its economic doldrums. Instead, what France needs is a dose of more positive thinking at every level of society, according to French business consultant Emmanuel Bonnet.


Worn out by the financial crisis?

Fledgling markets where investors and donors can fund enterprises with a social mission exist or are being launched in Brazil, South Africa and Mauritius. But a fully regulated stock exchange where investors can trade in the shares of social enterprises has yet to get off the ground. Stephen Brenninkmeijer, founder of social investment fund Willows Investments, explains why he is backing a London-based project along these lines.


Who cares for society?

The economic crisis has put most governments on an austerity programme, cutting social benefits at a time when demand for such services is skyrocketing. Enlightened businesspeople can make a difference as social entrepreneurs.


Microfinance takes root in Pakistan

Sadaffe Abid spent much of the last 14 years building what is now one of Pakistan’s leading micro-finance institutions. Drawing on her experience, she offers tips for social entrepreneurs worldwide.