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Pan Pan is the founder and managing partner of Pantèra Ventures, a Geneva-based boutique investing in and advising companies and organizations on strategy, growth/expansion and cross-border transactions. She also advises a single-family office on direct private equity investments and social impact and sustainability.

Pan has worked across sectors in consulting, consumer goods and alternative investments in the US, Asia and Europe. Prior to Pantèra, Pan was a portfolio manager (head of China) and deputy head of business development at Bunge Investment Management, the asset management group of the global agribusiness Bunge Limited.

Pan holds a BA in Economics with honours and magna cum laude from Northwestern University (USA), a MBA from INSEAD (France) and the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation. She was a Global Leadership Fellow and associate director at the World Economic Forum, and a LGT Venture Philanthropy iCats Fellow. She currently serves on the Swiss committee of the INSEAD Private Equity Club (iPEC).

Before her business career, Pan was a professional pianist, trained at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in China and the Eastman School of Music (University of Rochester, New York) in the US.  

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