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Paulo Vicente dos Santos Alves


Paulo Alves is a D.Sc. in Administration by FGV, M.Sc. in public administration by FGV, and Engineer by IME. Currently works as full professor in Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC).

He was Under-secretary of Planning from Secretariat of Planning and Management of the Rio de Janeiro State (SEPLAG-RJ) from 2007 to 2009. His professional experience includes the sectors of government, defense, aerospace, education and energy. He was a Brazilian Army Captain serving from 1990 to 2002.

As a professor he worked in ESPM, FDC, FGV, IBMEC, IME and PUC in Brazil. He already lectured for Brown, CKGSB, HULT, INSEAD, ISB, John Hopkins, Kellogg, Saint Gallen, Skolkovo e Vlerick in joint programs with FDC. He was part of the Global Colloquium in Participant Centered Learning (GLOCOLL) from Harvard Business School in 2012. He was a consultant to BAT, IADB/BID, Petrobrás, Shell, and the US DoC. He was a Fellow of the Strategic Planning society (SPS-UK), and is a Founder Member of the Strategic Management Forum.

He is author of the e-book ‘Emerging Markets Report published by AVEC editor, the books ’Jogos de Empresas’ (Business games) published by Pearson/Makron Books, ‘Jogos e simulações de Empresas’ (Business Games and Simulations) by Alta Books, and ‘Gestão Pública Contemporânea’ (Contemporary Public Management) by Alta Books .

He is winner of the Best marketing strategy prize given by Publicis, in the L’Oréal Marketing Award 2004 as professor. He was ranked 29th in the Best Business Professor Award promoted by The Economist Intelligence unit in 2012-13.


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