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Pawel Korzynski


Pawel Korzynski is a former Visiting Scholar at INSEAD as well as an Associate Professor at Kozminski University in Poland, where he teachers Digital Leadership and Human Resource Management.

He is a researcher and scholar passionate about leadership and online social technologies; an HR consultant specialising in recruitment and selection, training and development and employee evaluation; and an executive with 10-year experience working with more than 50 inspiring HR specialists.

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Leadership & Organisations

Cyberloafing Unplugged: Overcoming Online Distractions in the Workplace

Pawel Korzynski

Cyberloafing can be a response to job dissatisfaction associated with high workload, low self-efficacy and poor time management skills.

Leadership & Organisations

How Corporate Thought Leadership Drives Business Success

Pawel Korzynski

What makes an organisation an opinion leader and how it affects business revenue.
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Leadership & Organisations

The Competencies and Constraints That Determine Leadership Success

Pawel Korzynski

A novel management theory looks past individual leaders to constraints that might limit their effectiveness.


Social Media Helps Global “Dream Teams” Come Together

P. Korzynski and G. Mazurek

Academic international collaboration is now evolving beyond conferences or formal networks as constantly improving social media connects more researchers.

Leadership & Organisations

How Technology Threatens Mental Health – Especially if You’re Inauthentic

P. Korzynski, C. Rook, E. Florent Treacy, M. F. R. Kets de Vries

When the personality you show the world doesn’t match your true self, it can sap the energy you would otherwise need to deal with technostress.


Employees as Social Media Influencers

Pawel Korzynski

How organisations can get workers to post more company-related content willingly.