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How to Manoeuver in Space

The battle for a bigger share of the commercial satellite market is heating up as demand skyrockets for new multimedia services. Innovative satellite technologies are cutting the cost of market entry. But what else does it take to secure a foothold in space?

Economics & Finance

China Finds Bargains in Germany

German engineering companies have become a prime target for Chinese investment. But it’s a mixed blessing.

Economics & Finance

How to succeed when the market shrinks

When the odds of expanding in its home market proved slim, the Berlin Börse (Berlin Stock Exchange) used new EU laws and ventured out into the world. Today, it’s a mecca for small European investors and companies looking for an easier European listing. But can growth continue as trading volumes across the continent contract?

Economics & Finance

Roland Berger: Rating Europe

The founder of one of the world’s top consultancies reflects on German unification, the European economy and the need for a European rating agency.


Can big business partner with NGOs?

What do companies delivering bottled soda have in common with NGO’s delivering food to a drought area? Quite a lot, it seems. Whether for commercial or humanitarian reasons, it all boils down to logistics.

Economics & Finance

Betting on the little guy

Unemployment in the EU is making many politicians sit up straight. The jobless rate rose to a seasonally-adjusted 10.7 percent in January – up seven-tenths from the same month last year. As expected, EU leaders have made job creation one of their biggest priorities. The big question is how to stimulate employment in a diversified economy. Brussels believes it has the answer in small and medium-sized enterprises.