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Philippe Bouvier


Philippe Bouvier is the founder and Managing Partner of Urban Value Creation Consulting, located in Dubai. UVC Consulting offers services in strategic studies, project management and executive education programs to improve the management of urban services in brownfield and greenfield cities. He has a PhD with Honors from Paris 7 University and an Executive MBA from INSEAD Singapore.His PhD is in urban studies (urbanism and city management) and the title of his thesis is “From segmented management in modern cities to systemic governance in sustainable cities”. Dr. Bouvier is also an Associate Professor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, keynote speaker and the author of numerous articles.    

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Economics & Finance

How to Model Our Future Cities?

The representation of the city we need is a mystery to us; now, without that vision, we "mutilate" urban value.
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Economics & Finance

Commercial Real Estate Needs a Digital Transformation

From landowners to urban residents, all stakeholders would benefit from bringing digital, collaborative and transformational elements together in the traditional real estate value chain.

Economics & Finance

The Innovation Potential of Human-Centred Cities

Cities designed around the individual can support sustainable urban development and create lasting value and innovation.


Cities Can Capture More Value

By implementing a centralised management platform, cities could create more value for business, citizens and investors. But they’ll have to reinvent their management approach.

Leadership & Organisations

Can Cities Innovate?

City management today is happening in silos, and urban growth needs are no longer being supported.