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Pushan Dutt

Professor of Economics


Pushan Dutt is a Professor of Economics at INSEAD. He holds a PhD in Economics from New York University, a Masters in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics, and a Bachelor degree in Economics from Presidency College, Calcutta.

Professor Dutt's work lies at the intersection of politics, institutions and international economics. His main research examines how partisan concerns (the political ideology of parties in power) and populist concerns (inequality in income and asset distribution) play an important role in the determination of trade policies. The second stream of his research has a developmental focus and examines the links between institutions and policies. His recent work shows that political instability is very costly in terms of investment and growth, whereas the level of democracy or dictatorship in a country matters much less. A third stream of his research examines the role played by international trade and technological change in accelerating the wage gap between skilled and unskilled workers.

Professor Dutt’s research has been published in Canadian Journal of Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics, Economic Journal and the Journal of International Economics. He has also contributed to the Oxford Dictionary of Social Sciences where he wrote the entries on Economics.

Professor Dutt has worked as an economist at the World Bank's Development Research Group and the Latin American and Caribbean Division, and is currently consulting for the World Bank on a major research project. He has also worked as a fellow at the Ford Foundation, and as a writer and consultant for the Oxford University Press. In addition, he has taught microeconomics, economic development, and international trade and finance to undergraduate, MBA, and PhD participants since 1994. He has won the Best Teacher Award in the INSEAD MBA programme multiple times.

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Economics & Finance

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Pushan Dutt

The global economy will bear the consequences of an all-out economic war between the United States and China should the latter try to shut off Taiwan.


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P. Dutt, J. Singh

A flexible, outcome-focused approach is the best way to achieve societal goals.

Economics & Finance

In Global Trade, Familiarity Breeds Commerce

Pushan Dutt

Given time and experience, even countries far apart in geography and culture can build strong trade links.

Economics & Finance

To Save India’s Economy, Think Big, Blunt and Fast

Pushan Dutt

With unemployment pushing 30 percent, the world’s fifth-largest economy needs a strong dose of fiscal and monetary intervention.

Economics & Finance

A Hippocratic Oath for Corporations

When it comes to corporate responsibility, it’s time to stop the virtuous talk and begin to take simple actions.

Economics & Finance

The Global Impact of the Trade Stand-Off Between Japan and South Korea

A regional trade tiff has the potential to bring on a global recession.