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Quentin Philippe

Quentin Philippe


Quentin works in the Energy Fund of Actis, a London-based Private Equity fund focusing on the emerging markets. In energy, Actis invests in two areas : electricity generation and electricity distribution. There, Quentin works primarily on electricity generation in Africa. Prior to Actis, Quentin was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in London, where he advised multinational energy companies on issues ranging from strategy to re-organisations. Before BCG, Quentin worked in the energy sector in Belgium, at Engie and at the national energy regulator. In Belgium, Quentin was also a part-time teaching assistant in Economics at the University Catholique de Louvain.

Quentin is actively involved in the young energy community. For instance, he is a board member of the London Chapter of the Young Professionals in Energy network ( He also founded Modern Energy, a Brussels-based energy network (http;//

Quentin has a multidisciplinary educational background, with degrees in engineering (KULeuven - 2006), Law (UCLouvain - 2008), Economics (UCLouvain - 2008 & 2010) and an MBA (INSEAD - 2012) Quentin Philippe is a consultant with Boston Consulting Group.

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The shale gas boom in the United States has made domestic power producers cleaner and turned coal producers into major exporters. A weak Europe, anxious about fracking, is becoming reliant on cheap U.S. coal to fuel its power stations, trapping it in a vicious cycle.

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Europe’s shale gas competitiveness challenge and consequences for the petrochemical sector

“I think it’s simply irresponsible to declare that we don’t need [shale gas] and we don’t want [shale gas] here in Europe”. Kurt Bock, CEO of BASF[ii]